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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Regular and Easy Draw filters besides the colors?
Regular Draw Magic 25 mini filters reduce more tar and nicotine and are recommended for full flavor cigarettes. Easy draw mini filters are recommended for light's cigarettes.

Which Magic 25 Cigarette Filter reduces more tar and nicotine?
Regular draw magic 25 cigarette filters reduce more tar and nicotine then easy draw cigarette filter. We recommend regular draw filters for full flavor cigarettes since they extract more tar and nicotine and easy draw filters for lights cigarettes, however both types of cigarette filters are suitable for full flavor or lights cigarettes. It's up to you.

Are Magic 25 Filters suitable for Slim Cigarettes
No. Magic 25 filters are to wide for slim cigarettes, they are designed for regular cigarettes.

Which stores carry Magic 25 Cigarette Mini Filters?
Our product is sold all over the world in smoke shops, grocery stores, candy and newspaper shops, etc. . We are the manufacturers of this products, and our products are sold to retail stores through our distributors therefore we do not have access to the information from distributors on which stores carry our products. However soon our products will be available in our house accounts CVS and Walgreen chain stores. You can easily and securely place an order through our website or call us toll free: 800-222-0566.

Would you suggest Magic 25 Cigarette Filters as a stop smoking aid?
No. Even though the use of our product will reduce your cravings somewhat, we do not promote nor advertise our product as a stop smoking aid, and we do not endorse smoking in any way. We strongly believe that cigarette smoking with or without the use of our product is dangerous to your health. We provide helpful links to quit smoking website resources.

How will I know when to change the filter?
Each Magic 25 cigarette filter is good for 5-7 cigarettes. Our cigarette filters are clear. When you see that the tar and nicotine indicator is fully covered you should change the filter.

Why are Magic 25 Cigarette Filters better then others on the market?
Magic 25 cigarette filters are manufactured in Tokyo Japan. We use only top quality materials and we have highest quality control standards. Magic 25 cigarette filters are sterile and each 10 pack is sealed for your protection. No other cigarette filter delivers results such as magic 25 cigarette filters patented filtration system which is proven to be most affective. You can visually see the amount of tar and nicotine they extract.

Do you manufactur your lighters? How would you rate the quality of your lighters?
We are manufacturers of Slim Line and Silver Line lighters and are major distributors of all other lighters we carry. Our selection is moderate and that is because all lighters we offer are very selective. We have high standards and we only acquire lighters that are of high quality, at the same level we purchase all products at the lowest possible price on the market because we purchase in large quantities which gives us the upper hand in offering all our products at lowest unmatched prices to you.

Do you guarantee your lighters?
Yes, we inspect all lighters before we ship them. However,if your lighter should arrive defective, we offer a 7-Day return policy. Most lighters we carry offer manufacturer's warranties which will can be found in each lighter description. Warranty time varies by manufacturer, some offer 1-2 years while others have a lifetime warranty. Please be sure to check the description of the lighter.

Is online ordering from your website secure?
Yes. All online orders are transmitted through SSL secure connection via most recognized and trusted quick commerce payment processing center. We only ship to your credit card billing address, to prevent fraudulent transactions. Only billing address can be entered at checkout or your transaction will be declined by AVS (address verification system). Fraudulent transactions will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Can I order your products over the phone?
Yes! Our toll free number is: 800-222-0566. We will be happy to take your order over the phone.

Do you ship Worldwide and which shipping carriers do you use?
Currently we ship to USA Only. We ship via UPS and USPS at our discretion.




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