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I feel that I breath better, smoke less and don't inhale as deeply. And obviously, I am inhaling less tar. I can not smoke a cigarette without a Magic 25 filter on it.It does not change the taste of the cigarette and you still get all the flavor.They are very easy to use and not the least bit expensive. Shipping is very fast also.
Lynn H. Butternut, WI

Not yet ready to quit, but I was ready to "minimize the damage". A friend of mine gave me a couple of his filters to try. I started off with the Green (easy) ones. A few cartons later I eased into the regular (orange).

I know that these are helping reduce the effects that smoking would otherwise have on me. I breath easier, cough less, and smoke less. Kinda like having the pig noise on the fridge, the BLACK OOZE you see in the filter reminds you just how damaging smoking is to our lungs.

One day I hope to quit smoking. I believe that using these filters will allow the withdrawl effects to be reduced. And if I never quit, at least less tar is getting into my lungs.
Kenneth R. Burlington, NJ

Two things about these filters:
1. They work! Look at the tar they trap. If that gunk wasn't in the Magic 25 filter, it would be on your teeth or in your lungs. Plus, it doesn't change the flavor of your smoke. My dentist thinks I quit smoking because my teeth aren't stained anymore. I love 'em.
2. Don't be confused by look-alike imitations. There's ones in smoke shops made in Turkey and bangladesh. They don't work. They come apart and they don't trap hardly any tar. Magic 25 are made in Japan - very high tech and expert manufacturers. I went back to the smoke shop and returned the fakes and now I strictly buy Magic 25 on-line so I always know I'll have 'em on hand.
Dee W. Simi Valley, CA

the magic 25 has helped me a great deal in my coughing and my breathing. i have reduced the number of cig, and im very pleased with the effect.they are very easy to use just put on filter of your cig.
Donna S. Naples, NY

I found Magic 25's in a smoke shop in Pennsylvania back in 2003. One of the clerks was using one and she told me what they were and what they did and urged me to try a pack. I did and since that day , I have not smoked one cigarette without using one. When I saw what could hacve ended up in my lungs was going to the filter I was shocked and pleased. I at once noticed that I wasn't coughing when I smoked anymore like I was before the filters.
I swear by these things and won't ever go without them again. When people stop me and ask me what they are I guess I behave like a spokes person for the product because I really believe in it. I also make sure to give the asker one and tell them of the website. I've seen the imitators in California and didnt trust them. These are the only filters I'll ever use because I've noticed a marked improvement on how I feel when I smoke.
Kim F. Leland, MS

I don't cough as much in the morning. I feel better.
The filters take out a lot of the tar and I noticed that the taste is better.
However, I am using them primarily to assist me with stopping the smoking habit. The reduce garbage that the filters remove, also lessons my needing to smoke as much. It has been a slow process but continuing in the right direction.
Gary G. Chandler, AZ

They are very easy to use. They are very inconspicuous. It is easy to see the amount of tar and other "bad stuff" they keep from your lungs. They are inexpensive and don't change the cigarette taste one bit.
Ellen D. Laurel, DE

Since I started using the filters I don't get right up and have a cigarette in the morning I can hold off for an hour or 2. Also there is a big differance in smoking with and without the filters. I immediately notice that I've lit a cigarette and started to smoke it without a filter as it tastes harsher. I like these filters a lot! I like the size as they are not an obvious addition to the cigarette.
My chest feels better too!
Lorraine D. Northville, NY

They honestly help with everything and I do believe they help reduce nicotine cravings. I have recommended them to many people. Also, I believe they are a good way to quit smoking or cut down drastically. Very easy to use, small and convienent.
Leigh, M. Silver Spring, MD

I have found they have reduced my morning cough significantly. Also, Magic 25 Filters improve the taste, as they reduce the amount of tar and nicotine. I love them, and have grown so used to them, that smoking without them doesn't feel right.
David M. Lyford, TX

I think these filters work great. I noticed i'm not out of breath like I use to be. I also go a lot longer between cigarettes. I have told a lot of people about them. When I see the amount of tar that is in the filter I know it has to be helping.
Karen W. Macomb, MI

Love the Magic 25 filters! Easy Draw is an easy way to reduce tar and nicotine input. It's the best gift/recommendation I've received in years. And they really work! These filters really should be available at all tobacco stores.
JD A. Alexandria, VA

Coughing, especially in the early morning has virtually disappeared. I'm a heavy smoker and have been for decades and in my 60's. I still have the ability to pretty much do what I want and my health has been stable for decades. I have shared my filters with many others to help them reduce the effects of smoking. Buying on line ended up being the easiest as smoke shops come and go with the states putting smokers on the spot with the passage of new laws. Without the Magic 25 Filters, I think it would be difficult to continue to smoke like I do and enjoy it. You really have to try only one filter to be convinced of their value. The most amazing thing is seeing all that black substance captured by the filters and knowing it isn't going to enter your lungs. If I could quit in a timely fashion I would but it is almost impossible but I know that I'm getting some help with the Magic 25 Filters stopping the tar and nicotine right before my eyes.
Gene S. New Castle, PA

before i used magic filters i would cough all night long and know i can get a real peaceful sleep. they did not change the taste of the cigarette. i have tried other products that are to compare to the magic 25 filters but once i tried these it was a very big difference it is easier to breath and i can even walk more.
Sharon C. Aliquippa, PA

I feel that they are very affective. I do not cough in the morning at all anymore.  I have gone from 1 pk a day to 6-7 cigarettes aday.
It makes me feel more  comfortable about smoking.  As far as using them, it could not be easier.  I have recommended them to my friends that do smoke.  I will not have 1 cigarette without them. I will continued to use Magic filters.    Thank You.
Lorraine F. Swansea, MA

They are phoenominal little gadgets,,,It allows you to see what was/is going into your lungs,,,they have truely help me cut way down with smoking...I recommend them to all I see light up..I start explaining how they work,,,and offer one to them to try,,,when they see what is collected from their own's like...where do you get these,,,and of course,,I gladly hand out the web address!
KUDO'S to Magic 25's
Peter G. Rochester, NY





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